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Last Wednesday on Channel 10's 'The Project', host Dr Andrew Rochford discussed e-Cigarette legislation and answered health related questions. In a recent study of 19,000 people, 81% affectedly substituted traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. Dr Rochford stated, "logic would suggest if you are not burning all the other stuff that goes into cigarettes, its going to reduce your risk of cancer".

Hear what he had to say by clicking the link:

Further references to the recent study discussed on the 'The Project" program and


We at Liberty Flights would like to add that we only sell second generation e-Cigarettes. These devices do not simulate the same hand to mouth action as does the cig-a-like (i.e. e-cigaretttes that look like traditional cigarettes) products.

Written by Contact Liberty-Flights — July 21, 2016