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Last week we launched 3 NEW XO e-Liquid flavours and a NEW Liberty Flights Spinner Battery!

We are now have the following three flavours added to our already great tasting XO e-Liquids!


Choose one of our new flavours!

XO Strawberry Kiwi is a delicious clean, crisp and sweet flavour. This fruity and yet light flavour has been carefully crafted to taste just like real fruit.

XO Coffee is perfect for those who are a fan of a strong black coffee. It has a strong roasted coffee bean flavour, perfect for your morning vape.

XO Cappuccino e-Liquid hits the spot with its rich, full, sweet taste.

Last week we also launched our Liberty Flights e-Cigarette Spinner Battery!

Whats a spinner battery?

If you want:
1. longer battery life
2. the ability to increase or decrease the throat hit you get when vaping
3. the ability to adjust the amount of vapour produced

Then our spinner batteries are what you are looking for! Our spinner batteries come in 2 voltages. You can change the voltage of your battery by simply turning the dial at the base of the battery.

Written by Contact Liberty-Flights — July 21, 2016