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Premier E-cigarette Starter Kit

Sold out.

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK and may not be replaced as a kit, however, you can purchase all the components of the Premier e-cigarette on our website, the battery, clearomizers and USB charger cable.

Get a Vaporizer Pen, Charger and E-Liquid Shipped to Australia with Our Premier Starter Kit

Buy your Liberty Flights starter kit today – which includes a vaporizer pen and e-liquid – and *if you don't love it, you can return it with our 30-day money back guarantee!

Everything you need to get started in one kit including a vape pen and nicotine e-liquid

When you purchase a kit from our online store, you will receive everything you need to begin vaping. This includes…

  • A vaporizer pen which includes
  • One steel e-cigarette battery (650mAh)
  • One disposable clearomizer (buy replacement products here)
  • 10ml bottle e-liquid (1.8% strength nicotine in your choice of Tobacco or Menthol)
  • One high-speed USB charger
  • Easy to follow, simple instructions

Make us your company of choice when searching for vape pens for sale

Why should I starter kit be your first choice of e-cigarette?

Our Premier Starter Kit is a great way to begin your vaping journey. It’s simple to use and includes a rechargeable battery that has a longer life than those used in first generation cig-a-likes. Plus, purchasing vape pens sale is the perfect way to save money in comparison to traditional smoking.

It gives you a great throat hit

Even the heaviest of smokers will feel satisfied by the clouds of vapour that our e-cigs produce, giving you an impressive throat hit.

A rechargeable battery

Our kit includes a long-life rechargeable battery and a fast charging USB cable, making it quick and easy to charge your vape pen.

A disposable clearomizer

A clearomizer is a container that holds the e-liquid and is a disposable element of your e-cigarette kit. Usually it lasts 2-3 weeks depending on how often you use it, and you can buy replacements in our store.

Large capacity for e-liquid

Our clearomizers hold more than 1.6ml of e-liquid, meaning that you can vape without worrying about continuously refilling it all day.

Easy and convenient to use

Our kits make vaping easy. All you need to do is fill your e-cig by unscrewing the top mouthpiece and pouring your e-liquid into the element surrounding the clearomizer. It’s important to do this carefully as no liquid should enter the centre tube as this is required to be clear in order to supply airflow throughout the device. Reattach the mouthpiece, hold down the power button and inhale to draw the vapour into your throat.

For a more detailed set of instructions, click here.

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Safety - Please note: As a safety precaution we recommend you do not leave any battery charging unattended or overnight. The correct charger should be used at all times, we recommend only using Liberty Flights chargers with Liberty Flights e-cigarette batteries. These should be charged in isolation to other batteries.

For more information on our e-cigarettes check out our FAQs.

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Terms Apply:Offer expires 31st December 2018 and is for over 18's only. This offer is also only available to existing smokers.

*Guarantee Claim Process

The following procedure must be followed in order to carry out a warranty claim:

  1. Contact us informing us of the Order ID (or your full name) and reference your request for a refund. Please contact us via email: or telephone
  2. Call Australia: 1300 662 689 or New Zealand: 0800 260 378.
  3. Once we have received your request. You must return your purchased items to us to receive an account credit or a full refund. Please note: All postage costs for returning items to us will be borne by the purchaser.
  4. Once the goods are received, we will issue a refund to the purchaser of the products.
  5. Please allow 3-5 working days for a response to your refund request.

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