Liberty Flights E-cigarettes and E-liquid

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E-liquid - Available in 4 Nicotine Strengths

All of our premium brand XO e-liquids are manufactured by Liberty Flights in the UK using only UK sourced high-grade pharmaceutical nicotine and e-liquid bases which include propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol along with flavouring. Our XO e-liquid is stored and dispatched from the UK straight to you the customer in Australia or New Zealand.

XO E-liquid is composed of 4 main ingredients these include

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG): PG is colourless, odourless and is used in common everyday products as a food additive.
  2. And /or Vegetable Glycerol (VG): VG is similar to PG and is odourless and colourless and it also used as a food additive and as a base in pharmaceutical formulations such as medical nebulizers.
  3. Flavouring: XO e-liquid comes in varying Flavours: see our full range of Tobacco flavours, Golden Apple, Blueberry, Forest Fruit, Menthol, Strawberry, Tobacco, and Strawberry & Kiwi Fruit just to name a few.
  4. Nicotine: A plant derived substance. It is not the nicotine in traditional cigarettes that causes cancer but nicotine may keep you smoking as it is an addictive substance. Liberty Flights do not encourage non smokers to take up a nicotine habit. If you have questions about buying nicotine e-liquid in Australia read more here.

PG / VG E-liquid Ratios

Liberty Flights’ e-liquid is produced to high-grade pharmaceutical standards, our PG, VG, and nicotine are all pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Our e-liquid bases are a 50-50 base of PG and VG (there is no de-ionized water added - apart from menthol as this has a very high viscosity and will not wick well in disposable clearomizers).

The benefits for the 50-50 base is that the shelf life is increased due to the removal of de-ionized water and the 50% PG provides a good throat hit and flavour and the 50% VG gives a smoother vape and creates more vapour production. Also some people are sensitive to PG so the 50-50 blend usually suits most people better.


Our e-liquids do not contain diacetyl or, acetyl propionyl and we don't use any artificial colours at all, in any of our XO e-liquids. Any colours they may be are from the natural raw ingredients of the flavour molecules or nicotine which has a straw like colour.

This certificate symbol  represents the independent testing results for our e-liquids. These tests results are published on the relevant product pages of our website.

Nicotine Strengths

Our Liberty Flights XO e-liquid is offered in 4 different nicotine strengths and also e-liquid containing zero nicotine:

  • 2.4% Highest strength nicotine (only for very heavy smokers
  • 1.8% Medium strength nicotine (for 15 to a packet of cigarettes/day smokers)
  • 1.2% Low strength nicotine (for occasional / social smokers)
  • 0.6% Ultra low nicotine (for very light milligram or occasional smokers)
  • 0.0% Zero nicotine

Please note: If you are new to vaping then our e-cigarette starter kits can help you make the switch to e-cigarettes. If you are not an existing smoker then Liberty Flights actively encourages people not to take up a nicotine habit. If you are not already a smoker then please do not buy our products.