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Liberty Flights is a premium manufacturer of nicotine e-liquid and electronic cigarettes. Our XO brand e-liquids are manufactured in the UK using high-grade pharmaceutical nicotine and bases which are are independently tested to ensure consistent high standards of safety and quality. All of our Liberty Flights e-liquids are fully compliant with the UK government TPD legislation, again assuring you of our e-liquid quality.

As the demand for variety in vaping products grows and e-cigarettes continue to evolve, we aim to offer more choices of nicotine e-liquid strengths, flavours and bases. Check out our range of flavours to satisfy any desired taste, different PG/VG e-liquid ratios from 50% PG - 50% VG to more heavy VG bases of 70% and higher. We also offer a range of Guest E-liquids from some of the most popular vape brands in the UK, US and Canada.

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Frequently asked questions about our e-cigarette liquid...

Can I buy nicotine e-liquid in Australia?

Yes, you can. Under the Personal Importation Scheme (Australian Government Department of Health Therapeutic Good's Administration), Australians can import, from offshore websites like Liberty Flights, e-cigarettes products and e-liquids containing nicotine - for personal use only.

You cannot, however, legally purchase nicotine e-liquid in retail stores in Australia.

How much nicotine e-liquid can I import?

You can order up to a 3-month supply of e juice at any one time. Within any 12-month period, you can’t exceed a 15-month supply. In other words, if you’re typically ordering a 3-month supply of e cig liquid, you can’t do that more than 5 times in one 12-month cycle - so plan accordingly.

For reference, a 10mL bottle of e juice is approximately equivalent to 100 traditional cigarettes. Naturally, this is a rough guide only - usage varies from person to person. If you need help figuring out which e juice nicotine strength is right for you, just click here.

If figuring out how much to order is as clear as mud still, don’t worry, just give us a call. We can talk you through it.

How long will it take for my order to arrive from the U.K.?

All of our products are shipped from our U.K. fulfilment centre and arrive to our Australian and New Zealander customers either via DHL Express Shipping (allow 3-5 working days to metropolitan areas; if you live in a remote area, allow another 1-2 days for delivery) or via our standard delivery service with Royal Mail Post (allow approximately 3 weeks; WA residents allow 4 weeks).

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Choose the best in class

We highly recommend you choose your e cig liquid from companies who manufacture it using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine and bases and who regularly test their products to ensure quality. Liberty Flights vape liquid is manufactured in the U.K. and maintains a strict testing protocol, including external independent GCMS testing and extensive batch recording and our e-liquids are fully compliant with the UK Government TPD regulation. So, you can rest assured you are receiving superior quality products.

You can count on us.

We're here to help you - 7 days a week. We know our products well, and we’re always happy to help our customers on their path to vaping. You can call us on the numbers below or email us.

Call us anytime between 8am – 8pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time):
AUST: 1300 662 689
NZ: 0800 260 378

More information on e-cigarette nicotine regulations

For more information on the Australian Government Personal Importation Scheme, you can check out:

Please note: we encourage all you Australian residents to check your state or territory laws before purchasing any e-cigarettes or vape liquids. As much as we aim to stay up to date on things on our site, it’s best to double check with your specific territory laws - just to be sure we haven’t missed anything.

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