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Can I buy e-liquid containing nicotine in Australia

Yes, electronic cigarettes have a taste. The taste reflects the flavour of e-liquid you've chosen. If you're vaping our Tobacco Virginia e-liquid, the taste will be similar to traditional tobacco.

Most smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes tend to start with either tobacco or menthol flavoured e-liquid, depending on the type of traditional cigarette they're used to smoking. Our customers usually stick with these two flavours for a while, and then start to experiment with other flavours. When you're ready to try some others, check out our very popular fruit flavoured e-liquids which range from golden apple and mango to berries and tropical fruits.

We've also introduced a wide range of tobacco flavours in varying strengths (mild to strong) and depth of flavour (dry to sweet tobacco blends). Keep an eye out for our expanding range of new e-liquid flavours. And don't be shy about experimenting - there are lots of great flavours available now. Try some out.

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