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To fill your disposable clearomizer with e-liquid, just unscrew the mouthpiece and carefully pour the e-liquid down the side of the chamber. Fill it up to the 1.6mL line only. If you overfill it, you'll flood the clearomizer tank and you don't want that, so be careful.

When you drip your e-liquid down the side of the tank, avoid the tiny pipe in the centre of the clearomizer. That tiny pipe is for airflow. If you clog it with e-liquid, you'll obstruct air flow through the clearomizer - not good.

Also, after you fill your clearomizer, wait about 2-3 minutes before using your e-cig. This makes sure the clearomizer's wick is soaked with e-liquid - and that ensures you don't get a dry inhale.

If you need a bit more guidance, just visit our instructions page.