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This guide explains how to use your new e-cigarette starter kit from Liberty Flights. We recommend reading this guide while you wait for your kit to arrive.

The information in this guide applies to all Liberty Flights e-cigarette models. Nevertheless, we recommend reading the instruction manual included with your e-cigarette before using it for the first time to learn any details that apply only to your device.

Charging the Battery

In your e-cigarette starter kit, you'll find a battery, a tank and a charging cable. Twist the tank counter clockwise to remove it and expose the battery's threaded tip. Twist the battery clockwise into the threaded end of the charging cable. Charge the battery by connecting the USB plug on the other end of the charging cable to any USB port such as one of the open ports on your computer.

While the battery charges, an indicator light turns on. Depending on the model of your Liberty Flights e-cigarette, the light turns off -- or turns green -- when the charge is complete.

E-cigarette Battery Tips:

  • Do not charge your Liberty Flights battery unattended.
  • Do not connect your battery charging cable to a "fast charger" such as the one included with your smartphone.
  • Do not connect your battery to a charging cable that doesn't bear the Liberty Flights logo. You can buy a spare e-cigarette charging cable if you need one.
  • Disconnect the charging cable and battery when the charge cycle is complete.
  • Learn more about e-cigarette battery safety.

Filling the Tank

Your Liberty Flights e-cigarette includes an e-liquid tank called a clearomizer. You can refill the tank several times before you'll need to replace it. Buy extra e-cigarette clearomizers from our online store.

To open the tank for filling:

  • Twist off the black mouthpiece if you have a Liberty Flights Premier e-cigarette.
  • Twist off the metallic bottom cap if you have a Liberty Flights Taste e-cigarette.

When you open the tank, you'll see a hollow tube in the middle. Vapour travels through the tube from the heating coil to your mouth; avoid sending e-liquid down the tube. Insert the nozzle of an e-liquid bottle between the middle tube and the outer wall of the tank. Add e-liquid until the level reaches the top fill line, and close the tank.

An e-cigarette tank uses a wick to draw e-liquid from the reservoir to the heating coil. After you fill the tank, wait several minutes for the wick to saturate before using your e-cigarette.

E-cigarette Clearomizer Tips:

  • The wick in your e-cigarette tank can burn if you use the tank when it is empty. A burned wick will cause the clearomizer to produce vapour with a harsh, unpleasant flavour. There is no remedy for a clearomizer with a burned wick, so you should never allow the tank to become completely dry.
  • You can use any Liberty Flights clearomizer with your Premier or Taste e-cigarette battery. Each one imparts a slightly different character to the vapour. Try all four to see which one you like best!

Turning Your E-cigarette On and Off

Your Liberty Flights e-cigarette includes a battery that can lock for safety. Press the button on the battery five times quickly to turn the battery on and off. The battery's light flashes in response. If you ever have trouble using your e-cigarette, try pressing the button five times to turn the battery on. Turn the battery off when transporting the e-cigarette or leaving it unattended.

Using Your E-cigarette

Before using your Liberty Flights e-cigarette for the first time, ensure that you have:

  • Charged the battery
  • Filled the tank
  • Connected the tank to the battery
  • Pressed the button five times to turn the battery on

After you've performed the four steps above, your e-cigarette is ready to use. Place the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette inside your mouth. Push and hold the button. Puff on the e-cigarette in the same way that you would puff on a real cigarette. Release the button after completing the puff.

Your Liberty Flights e-cigarette includes a high-capacity tank and large battery that, depending on your usage patterns, will last several hours before it's time to refill the tank or recharge the battery. Refill your tank when the level of e-liquid has almost reached the bottom. Recharge your battery when the vapour production decreases or when the light flashes.

E-cigarette Vaping Tips:

  • A tobacco cigarette burns hotter and produces more smoke if you puff more forcefully -- but the heating coil in an e-cigarette only operates at one temperature. If you puff forcefully on an e-cigarette, you may actually get e-liquid in your mouth. Inhale gently when vaping. If you want more vapour, increase the duration of your puffs.
  • The base liquids in e-liquid -- propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin -- absorb moisture and may cause you to feel thirsty when vaping. Drink plenty of water.

Replacing the Tank or Atomizer Coil

A heating coil doesn't last forever. Eventually, the coil in your tank will stop working as well as it did when it was new. Some of the signs that you need to replace your atomizer coil include:

  • The vapour no longer tastes as good as it once did
  • The e-cigarette no longer produces as much vapour on a full battery charge as it once did
  • The e-cigarette produces no vapour when you push the button, but the battery light turns on

The Liberty Flights Premier e-cigarette includes a disposable tank. We recommend that you buy e-cigarette tanks periodically to ensure that you always have some spare tanks available. When a tank has reached the end of its life, discard it and begin using a new one.

If you have a Liberty Flights Taste e-cigarette, your tank includes a replaceable atomizer coil. Buy replacement EVOD2 atomizer coils. To replace the coil, twist off the tank's bottom cap as you do when refilling. Twist the atomizer coil counter clockwise to remove it. Twist in a new atomizer coil, fill the tank and wait several minutes for the wick to saturate before you resume using the e-cigarette.

Want to learn more about e-cigarettes? Read our vaping beginner's guide.