Liberty Flights

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Download Instructions here


1. Charge

Screw the battery onto the USB charger. Attach to a standard 5V USB wall plug or USB port. Charge time is around 2 hours or until charger light turns from red to green. Do not leave the battery unattended or charging overnight.


2. Fill

Fill the clearomizer with the supplied e-liquid by unscrewing the mouth-piece and carefully pouring the e-Liquid fluid down the side of the chamber. Then wait a minute for the e-Liquid to coat and be absorbed by the wick in the clearomizer.


3. Ready to go!

Assemble the device as shown. Do not over tighten. There is a five click (click in quick succession) on/off mechanism which will prevent the battery from activating when not in use.The button on the battery needs to be depressed each time you inhale. Inhale slowly and enjoy a smooth ‘vape’.


4. Tips

Always try to keep the parts clean and free from dirt and liquid. Only use the charger supplied. Do not charge in wet conditions. Cease use if the battery gets hot or smells unusual.