FREE Nicotine E-liquid with every Starter Kit + 30-day Money Back Guarantee   

Liberty Flights 30 Day Money Back Warranty

Committed to the highest standards of customer support.


When purchasing the Liberty Flights e-Cigarette Starter Kit, we will support you through the process of making the switch to e-cigarette. We offer a 30 day warranty if, after trying our e-Cigarette Starter Kit you the customer decide you do not like it and wish to return it.

Our Starter Kit comprises of a Clearomizer, Battery, USB Charger and one 10ml Bottle of XO e-Liquid. All of our XO e-Liquids are manufactured by Liberty Flights in the UK and are produced under strict manufacturing guidelines using our UK sourced pharmaceutical grade nicotine and bases ensuring our customers are vaping the highest quality e-Liquids.
Please check all goods when you receive them as the warranty will run from the date of your receipt.

Warranty Claim:

The following procedure must be followed in order to carry out a warranty claim:

1. Contact Liberty Flights informing us of the Order ID (or your full name) and reference your request for a refund. Please contact us via telephone
Call Australia: 1300 662 689 or New Zealand: 0800 260 378
2. Once we have received your request. You must return your purchased items to us to receive account credit or a full refund. Please note: All postage costs for returning items to Liberty Flights are the responsibility of the customer.

3. Once the goods are received, Liberty Flights will issue a refund to the purchaser of the products.
4. Please allow 5 working days for a response to your refund request.

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