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When you look at the Liberty Flights Premier and Taste e-cigarette kits, you might assume that the Taste kit is the superior once since it costs slightly more. In fact, the Premier and Taste e-cigarettes are for different types of customers with different needs. Although you may eventually like to try them both, we'd like to explain the differences between the Premier and Taste e-cigarettes in this article to help you decide which one to purchase first.

Liberty Flights Premier E-cigarette

What it includes:

  • 650 mAh battery
  • Disposable clearomizer (clear e-liquid tank)
  • USB charger
  • Bottle of e-liquid

The Liberty Flights Premier starter kit is the ideal e-cigarette for complete beginners. It is reliable and extremely easy to use. If you buy e-liquid with the correct nicotine strength -- we suggest the 1.8% strength for new vapers and include it with all starter kits -- the Premier e-cigarette will produce more than enough vapour to satisfy your nicotine needs.

If you've never used an e-cigarette before, we suggest buying the Liberty Flights Premier kit because the disposable clearomizer is so easy to work with. You can fill it with e-liquid by simply unscrewing the bottom cap. When the clearomizer begins to produce a less satisfying quality of flavour or quantity of vapour, you can throw it away and replace it with a new clearomizer.

You should buy the Liberty Flights Premier e-cigarette if you:

  • Have never used an e-cigarette before
  • Want an e-cigarette that produces a satisfying amount of vapour while remaining as small and discreet as possible
  • Want to avoid the inconvenience of replacing your own atomizer coils

Liberty Flights Taste E-cigarette

What it includes:

  • 900 mAh battery
  • Clearomizer with disposable atomizer coil
  • USB charger
  • Bottle of e-liquid

The Liberty Flights Taste e-cigarette offers about 38 percent more battery life and 25 percent more e-liquid capacity than the Premier e-cigarette. Compared to the Premier, the Taste e-cigarette enables you to vape slightly longer before you'll need to charge the battery or refill the clearomizer. Owing to the extra battery life and storage capacity, the Taste is slightly larger than the Premier e-cigarette.

Compared to the Premier e-cigarette, the Taste produces slightly more vapour per puff. If you are a heavier smoker, you may appreciate the extra performance because more vapour equates to a higher nicotine intake. Bear in mind, though, that using an e-cigarette with higher vapour production means that you'll consume e-liquid more quickly.

Although you'll use slightly more e-liquid with the Taste e-cigarette, your costs will likely even out because the clearomizer isn't disposable. Instead of replacing the entire clearomizer, you'll periodically replace the atomizer coil. While replacement clearomizers for the Premier e-cigarette cost $8.95 each, atomizer coils for the Taste e-cigarette cost $7.00 each.

You should buy the Liberty Flights Taste e-cigarette if you:

  • Want an e-cigarette that offers a bit more e-liquid capacity and battery life
  • Are a heavier smoker with higher nicotine needs
  • Want to reduce your long-term ownership costs by buying replacement atomizer coils rather than new clearomizers
  • Already own the Liberty Flights Premier e-cigarette and want something that offers slightly greater vapour production

With Liberty Flights E-cigarettes, You're Free to Experiment

In this article, we hope we've provided some guidance that can help to make your first e-cigarette purchase from Liberty Flights as easy as possible. We want you to love your e-cigarette. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all starter kits.

Whether you ultimately select the Premier starter kit or the Taste starter kit, you're free to experiment without buying an entirely new kit. Liberty Flights sells four different clearomizers in all, and both the Premier and Taste batteries work with all four clearomizers.

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