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Our Liberty Flights XO e-liquids are offered in up to 6 different nicotine strengths, depending on the flavour as well as e-liquid containing zero nicotine.

Please note: if you are vaping with sub-ohm coils (below 1 ohm) such as our Advanced Vape Kits , we suggest you vape lower strength nicotine such as 0.6% or 0.3% as sub-ohm vaping, with these types of kits, is more efficient and vapourises more e-liquid per inhale. If you are also wanting more vapour we also suggest you try a VG Heavy based e-liquid. While you can sub-ohm with higher nicotine levels, most people will find the throat hit too harsh.

Highest Strength Nicotine - 3.6%

3.6% is the highest strength nicotine you can buy in currently 3 flavours, Menthol, Tobacco Virginia and XO Supreme Tobacco. We only recommend 3.6% for people smoking well over a packet of cigarettes a day and we suggest you first try a lower strength of either 2.4% or 1.8% and if these strengths don't satisfy you then try the 3.6%. 

High Strength Nicotine - 2.4%
This is usually what we recommend for heavy smokers of strong (high milligram) cigarettes. This strength gives a fairly strong throat hit and suits most people who have been smoking over a packet of cigarettes per day.

Medium Strength Nicotine - 1.8%
This regular strength is generally recommended for people who are currently smoking over 10+ cigarettes and up to a standard packet of cigarettes per day of medium strength milligram cigarettes. This strength also gives a good throat hit which mirrors the sensation of smoking medium strength cigarettes.

We recommend the 1.8% strength when people first try electronic cigarettes. Both our tobacco and menthol starter kits come with a 10mL bottle of 1.8% strength nicotine e-liquid.

Low Strength Nicotine - 1.2%
This low strength provides a slighter throat hit and suits smokers of light or low milligram cigarettes. The 1.2% strength is recommended for all you social smokers. This strength is also good if you want to start stepping down in nicotine levels.

Ultra Low Nicotine - 0.6%
For the very light and very occasional smoker or for those who are working their way down in nicotine strength and succeeding.

Lowest Strength Nicotine - 0.3%

This is the lowest strength nicotine available before going to zero nicotine.

Zero Nicotine - 0.0%
Contains no nicotine at all.

Please note: E-liquid strengths are not measured in the same way nicotine strengths are for traditional cigarettes. You might need to experiment with different strengths to find your sweet spot.

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