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Winter Nip E-liquid

  • E-liquid base is 60% PG - 40% VG 
  • Select from our 3 nicotine strengths
  • Packed with powerful flavours of menthol
  • High-grade pharmaceutical ingredients manufactured in the UK


Introducing our new Winter Nip e-liquid similar to the traditional sweet, jam packed full of powerful flavours. Winter Nip delivers a strong menthol flavour on the inhale, with subtle herbal tones on the exhale.

Quantity guide

Our bottles contain 10ml of ready to vape e-liquid, they are equivalent to approximately 100 traditional cigarettes. Please note, this is an approximation only as the amount you will use and can depend on how often you vape, how deep you inhale and the type of electronic cigarette you are using.

Which level nicotine should you select?

Click here for our nicotine strength guide.

Our quality & safety

Our e-liquid is manufactured by us to the highest quality standards, made in the UK using our UK sourced high-grade pharmaceutical nicotine and e-liquid bases.

Our e-liquids do not contain diacetyl or, acetyl propionyl and we don't use any artificial colours at all, in any of our XO e-liquids.

  E-liquid Analysis Report

Need help?

For more information check out our FAQs or you can email us via our contact page or, phone us 7 days a week by calling our Customer Support Line in Australia: 1300 662 689 or New Zealand: 0800 260 378.

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