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XO Unity Vape Kit

Sub-Ohm Vape Kit
  • Best used with 0.3 and 0.6% low strength nicotine

The XO Unity Vape Kit unites power and flavour to give you the perfect e-cigarette starter kit. You may be looking to start vaping or you might be looking to upgrade from your first starter kit to a device that gives you longer battery life (1600mAh) in a compact and easy to use unit and comes with your choice of either Tobacco (Super Highway e-liquid) or Menthol e-liquid.

Please note: this Vape Kit comes with a sub-ohm coil and when using the sub-ohm coils (below 1 ohm), we advise that you decrease your nicotine level as a sub-ohm vape is more efficient and vapourises more e-liquid per draw. We recommend using a 0.3% or 0.6% nicotine e-liquid in a 50% PG/VG ratio of e-liquid and if you want less of a throat hit then we recommend vaping a VG heavy e-liquid base in a lower strength nicotine. While you can sub-ohm with higher nicotine levels, most vapers will find the throat hit too harsh.

Key Features:
• Compact and easy to use
• 1600mAh in-built battery
• Easy top-fill inbuilt tank with adjustable airflow
• Great vapour production
• Flavour enhancing technology
• Leak free
• Suitable for both 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids and VG heavy e-liquids

Starter Kit Contents: 
• 1 x XO Unity e-cigarette
• 1 x pre-installed 0.5 Ohm SS sub-ohm atomizer coil
• 1 x USB charger
• 1 x instruction manual
• 1 x 10ml 0.6% nicotine XO e-liquid in your choice of Menthol or Super Highway Tobacco

Replacement atomizer coils:

The pre-installed atomizer coil will need replacing every 1-2 weeks (approx). We recommend using the Unity Vape Kit with the 0.5 ohm SS coils (XO Atomizer A thread) which are found here. Lower ohm coils in combination with a 0.6% nicotine level of e-liquid will give an average packet-a-day smoker a satisfying vaping experience. 

When Charging Please Note: This device must only be charged using the supplied USB charging cable and MUST ONLY be plugged into a 5V 1A USB port to charge. Most common USB ports can be found on computers and laptops. Plugs/ports with an Amp output of 2A or over must not be used (for example phone or tablet chargers). USB wall adapters or mobile phone or tablet wall adapters or USB ports must NOT be used.

Vape Kit Instruction ManualInstruction Manual

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